Here you can see examples of properties that have already been sold or constructed according to customers' needs.

They all present examples of the traditional Greek architecture, on the islands of Cyclades, and reflect the quality of work produced by Naxos-Houses.




Villa on the island of Paros

(built with special stone layers brought from Naxos)


Villa in Naxos (Outside of Sagri village).  Has outdoors salt-watered heated swimming pool.


Holiday Flats, Naxos

(Village of Pirgaki)


Group of Holiday Flats, Naxos

(Village of Pirgaki, Area of Kamares)





Villa in Naxos (Village of Potamia)



Holiday House, Naxos

(Agios Prokopios beach)


Holiday Home in Naxos.

(Agiassos beach)


Holiday Home on the island of Paros, built with special stone layers brought from Naxos.







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